The 2025 Toyota 4Runner is Here and It’s Mighty Similar to a Land Cruiser

After its fifth generation running for fifteen years, the Toyota 4Runner has finally been modernized. The 2025 Toyota 4Runner is legitimately all-new, with modern drivetrains and the latest technology Toyota’s got. Its styling sets it apart – and yes, the roll-down rear window is still a thing – but dimensionally, it’s similar to the new Toyota Land Cruiser. Confused? Me too. Let’s dig in.

2025 toyota 4runner group shot

2025 Toyota 4Runner Basics

Past 4Runners were ostensibly “Tacoma with bed cap” to a point, and the new 2025 4Runner is no different. Styling up front is shared with the 2024 Tacoma pickup truck, while the rear is unmistakably 4Runner. I like the “wrap-over” rear quarter glass as a throwback touch, and am glad Toyota kept the roll-down rear window that is such an iconic piece of the car’s design.

With the 2025 4Runner, every body-on-frame Toyota and Lexus is now on the company’s latest TNGA-F platform. It doesn’t mean everything is the same size, though, as platforms only set a few key hard points of the vehicle’s design. But what’s fascinating to me is just how similar the new 4Runner is, dimensionally, to the new Land Cruiser.

Both share a 112.2″ wheelbase and are within 0.1″ of each other in width. The 2025 4Runner is actually longer than the Land Cruiser by 1.1″, which I suspect is due to bumper design more than anything. The 4Runner is 5.3″ shorter than the Land Cruiser, though, at 70.8″ tall. And this is despite a 1.2″ gain in ground clearance over the Land Cruiser, at 9.2 inches.

2025 Toyota 4Runner sway bar disconnect button
Newly-added “Stabi Bar” sway bar disconnect button

Toyota’s added an optional electronically-actuated sway bar disconnect, which helps with articulation off-road. This combines with (up to) 32-degree approach and 24-degree departure angles to make the new 4Runner sound pretty capable on paper. Those angles are better than that of the Land Cruiser, which offers a similar 31-degree approach angle but only 17 degrees of departure.

2025 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro in Mudbath
2025 4Runner TRD Pro in Mudbath

2025 Toyota 4Runner Drivetrains

I figured every 4Runner would use the 2.4-liter turbocharged four cylinder from the Tacoma, since the Land Cruisers are all hybrid variants of that same engine. I was mostly right, as all but a few trim levels of the 2025 4Runner are indeed that 2.4L turbo four. It makes the same power and torque as in a Tacoma, at 278 HP and 317 lb-ft, and is paired to the new corporate eight-speed automatic.

Choosing a 2025 4Runner TRD Pro, Trailhunter, or Platinum trim adds that same 2.4L iForce Max hybrid powertrain that you’ll find in every Land Cruiser and some Tacomas. Here Toyota adds a 48 HP electric motor in the eight-speed’s bellhousing and sticks a 1.87-kWh battery pack… somewhere. Total output is 326 HP and 465 lb-ft. This setup is optional on the TRD Off-Road and Limited trims as well.

2025 toyota 4runner limited heritage blue
2025 4Runner Limited in Heritage Blue

The most basic of 2025 4Runner models will be two-wheel drive with a limited-slip differential out back. Most buyers will opt for a four-wheel drive 4Runner (as you should) which features high and low range gearing and the same LSD on the rear axle. TRD Pro, TRD Off-Road, and Trailhunter trims add a locking rear differential, and more luxury-oriented Platinum and Limited trims use a full-time four-wheel drive setup (optional on Limited) with a locking center diff.

Every 2025 Toyota 4Runner is rated to tow 6,000 pounds, regardless of engine, hybridization, or drive wheels.

Yes, Nine Trim Levels

Much like the new Tacoma, a 2025 4Runner Trailhunter has been added to the list of trims. Where TRD Pro is (supposedly) more of an overlanding trim level, the Trailhunter is focused more on slower-speed rock crawling. Old Man Emu shocks replace the Toyota setup, with external reservoirs on the rear shocks for better fluid cooling. Thirty-three inch Toyo all-terrain tires combine with the shocks to add 2″ of ride height up front and 1.5″ out back. There’s a high-mounted air intake for water fording, with rock sliders and steel skid plates as just-in-case protection.

If you want the nicest 2025 4Runner possible, a new Platinum trim sits above the prior top dog Limited. Platinum adds heated second-row seats, a heads-up display, rain-sensing wipers, and makes the optional Tow Tech package standard. How long before we see a Capstone?

Otherwise, trim levels remain the typical SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, TRD Pro, and Limited. Premium levels are offered for TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road.

2025 Toyota 4Runner Trailhunter interior in Mineral
2025 4Runner Trailhunter interior in ‘Mineral’

Modern Technology is a Given

Considering this is a new car, society has decided that yes, screens are the answer to everything (cue heavy eye roll from yours truly). Toyota splits the gauge cluster and infotainment setup offerings depending on the trim you buy. More basic 4Runners will have a 7-inch gauge cluster and 8-inch infotainment screen, while higher-end models get a 12.3-inch cluster and the monstrous 14-inch infotainment screen yanked out of the Tundra. It feels huge in the Tundra; I can’t wait to see it in a smaller cabin.

USB-C ports will be found in both rows of the cabin, and wireless CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on both systems. A wireless charging mat will be available.

Every trim of 4Runner will use a push-button ignition, and some trims will offer phone-as-a-key. Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 is standard across the board, too, providing the now-expected suite of Level 2 driver assistance technology .

We Don’t Have Pricing Yet

I like the styling of the 2025 4Runner, quite a bit actually. They have some neat new paint colors and the entire package sounds compelling. Where I am super mega curious is with pricing. This new 4Runner is awfully close to the new Land Cruiser in size and capability, so how is Toyota going to differentiate the two in the real world?

The most basic Land Cruiser starts at $57,345. It comes with cloth seats, only offers one of three drab paint colors, and is otherwise pretty simple as features go. You’re looking at nearly $62,000 for a Land Cruiser that’s more well-equipped with creature comforts.

I suspect the 2025 4Runner will drastically undercut the Land Cruiser on price, especially at its most basic SR5 level. We’ll see how crazy the more loaded 4Runners end up.

Toyota says the new 2025 4Runner will go on sale this fall.

2025 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
2025 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro in Mudbath

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