About Out Motorsports

Out Motorsports is the United States’ most active group for LGBTQ driving enthusiasts.

out motorsports trackcross minivan

We don’t sit in parking lots. Instead, we get queer car enthusiasts together for amateur motorsport events on asphalt and dirt alike. We host fun, safe street drives. We drive cars, new and old, and create relevant content about them. If it’s supposed to be fun, we’ll hit back roads or a racetrack. If it can tow 5,000 pounds or more, we’ll slap a car and trailer on the hitch and evaluate it. If it off-roads or overlands, we’ll find a trail.

Community is at the core of what we do. Every event is open to all and made as attainable as possible. If you really want to join us but financially find it tough, we’ll figure out how to make it happen. We endeavor to share every new car loan we receive with our members and followers, answering questions and getting as many butts in seats for ride-alongs as we can.

We support those who support us. Our events would not be as attainable or as fabulous without the support of so many sponsors. We appreciate the automakers, parts and supplies companies, safety gear retailers, and other media who recognize the power that creating a space where there previously was none can provide. Check out our Events page to see who’s supporting what.

(That said, while we appreciate automakers supporting our events, our new car reviews are 100% objective. If something isn’t very good, we’re gonna say so. We’re not anyone’s marketing arm.)

out motorsports trackcross jaguar

Join The Team

We want your story or stories, and we’ll pay you for them! It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-off about some wild trip you took, or a series you’ve conceptualized that needs a home. Reach out with a pitch or three and let’s chat.

Our Membership

Out Motorsports members enjoy access to our Discord server, Facebook group, and monthly gatherings on Zoom. We have over 200 fabulous, diverse members from all around the world joining in – are you next?