“Start Writing as Early as Possible.” Introducing Carter and His ’71 Super Beetle

All my life, I have dreamed of driving. From Hot Wheels to RC cars, as a kid I was obsessed with anything automotive related. Going to a car dealership with my dad was like Christmas morning. I grew up playing Forza, watching YouTube, and reading Road & Track, only further escalating my passion for cars. Despite this exposure to the automotive scene, nothing quite satisfied my desire to be behind the wheel.

Once I got to the point where I could do just that – drive – I still felt the constant need to be surrounded by anything with an engine. That need is becoming more and more of a reality. When I’m not photographing and evaluating vehicles for sale at my part-time job, I’m daydreaming of newly-listed cars on Craigslist. Admittedly, I should be paying more attention in class instead of cruising down a mental highway in fictitious cars, but with the emergence of online schooling… there is virtually nothing in my way. 

While there are many career paths for the automotive enthusiast, to me the choice is clear. As may be evident by my authorship of this article, automotive journalism is my goal. A friend of mine once told me, “learn from my mistake and start writing as early as possible.”

I first turned to Instagram, and created the account Cars of Color, in which I write detailed posts analyzing car colors that I find fascinating. It’s been a great start, but I would like to evolve my byline into something more.

With that said, allow me to further introduce myself. The burning question, what do I currently drive? My vehicle of choice is a less-than-reliable, but very fitting, yellow 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle named Sunny. While a classic car is not a typical high schooler’s mode of transportation, I’m making the most of the flexibility that comes with my parent’s vehicles as “loaners.” Being young and having few responsibilities seems to be the perfect time to spend my money on cars. 


As I previously mentioned, I’ve managed to find another way into the automotive industry through pre-owned cars. While working with Nissans and Fords can be a bit tedious, the days when I get to drive premium brands like BMW and Audi make it all worth it. High-end brands like Bentley and Maybach are rare, but on the special occasion that we sell them, it makes my job and my day quite a bit more interesting. 

For those who already know me, you may not know that I’m gay. Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Part of becoming a contributor for Out Motorsports means I’m embracing my authentic self. Not just as an automotive enthusiast and journalist, but as an out, proud, gay automotive enthusiast and journalist. 

I look forward to writing about my current and future cars and what other adventures I might find myself embarking on. I’m excited to see where this road will take me and happy to join this great community of enthusiasts. 

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2 thoughts on ““Start Writing as Early as Possible.” Introducing Carter and His ’71 Super Beetle”

  1. Carter,

    Great write up! Congrats on taking such a big step both in writing and in coming out.

    My high school car was a bug as well. Make sure you keep those valves adjusted. Happy driving!


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