Humans of Out Motorsports: Dillon (EJ2TrackRat)

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What do you drive?

1993 Honda Civic (Honda Challenge Racecar)

Dillon has his own Instagram and Youtube pages where you can find entertaining and informative content on what it’s like to build a race car affordably

What got you into cars, and when?

I had always played with toy cars as a kid. When I got older a friend and I started modifying RC cars, and that kind of made my obsession take off.

Eventually, my friends and I started going to tuner car shows in North Jersey, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia. From there we even started modifying our own abominations. My first car was a 94 Lexus ES300 with 250,000 miles! I paid 900 dollars for that car, and was 19 years old.

What do you (or have you done) with cars? Driving, wrenching, restoring, any form of motorsport etc.?

I’ve taught myself almost everything I know, but also give credit to some racers and other mentors in my life for really accelerating my career.

I’ve learned how to weld, blueprint, fabricate, conduct patchwork, install bolt-ons, and tune suspension as well as engines. (fuel pressure regulation only though, sorry!)

Do you have a car related story to share?

I went to college for engineering and completed three co-ops while I was there. During my last co-op I was driving my Acura RSX Type-S (which was bought with previous co-op money), all the way to Wisconsin for a new job with all of my belongings in the hatch.

When I got to Wisconsin, I was sad because I didn’t have my car friends to hang out with. So I went on Facebook, searched “Wisconsin Honda” and inquired about racing. A local group literally called “Wisconsin Hondas” connected me with a crew out of Illinois who took me to my very first autocross event. After seeing V6 Camrys and SUVs kick my ass, I decided to start building my cars to be used and also drove them as hard as I could. It was a shift from building them for the meets that I had been going to.


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