Humans of Out Motorsports: Chris Drabouski

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Our first featured follower (say that three times fast) is Chris Drabouski. Chris hails from the Northeast and has been heavily involved in motorsport since the 1990s.

What do you drive?

CD: “I recently picked up a 2019 ND2 Mazda Miata (30th Anniversary Edition) and have prepped it for SCCA STR Class for 2020.”

IMG 1983

What got you into cars, and when?

CD: “Not to show my age, but I first got into cars in the mid 90’s, when I purchased my first new car.  It was a 1994 Honda Civic Si hatchback.   I started reading magazines, like Sport Compact Car and Super Street, and soon got the bug to start modify cars.  Over time, I learned to do much of the work myself.  From brakes, to suspension, to engine swaps.  I’ve even built an engine (and it didn’t blow up!).  Since then I’ve owed and modified dozens of cars, and most recently autocrossed my 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS in Super Street class in the SJR and Philly regions.”

What’s your story?

image2 1

CD: “I started autocrossing in the late 90’s and eventually started doing track days in 2001.  A few years later I built my 97 EK Civic for NASA’s Honda Challenge H1 class.  I raced Honda Challenge for about 5 years and placed 3rd in NASA Nationals H1 Class in 2007.   I was also fortunate enough to be featured on the cover of Grassroots Motorsports for winning the first Ultimate Track Car challenge that same year. 

During my time racing Honda Challenge there have been quite a few close calls, but one specific story comes to mind.  During a qualifying race at the 2007 NASA Nationals at Mid-Ohio, a car spun behind me going into chicane right before the keyhole.  As I entered the keyhole, I caught out of the corner of my eye, a car sliding backwards through the grass at high speeds right into my path.  I hit the brakes as the car hit the asphalt and went airborne across the track backwards!  Had I not been looking far ahead and around the corner, it for sure would have taking me out.  The car was airborne and going backwards!   It gets my heart racing just thinking about it.  🙂 “

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