Get Involved

The most common question we get when telling friends, family, and others who aren’t active in the motorsports scene about our super fun, wallet-draining hobby is “how did you even get into that?”

Providing the answer is a large reason why we founded Out Motorsports. We strive to participate in as many forms of driving and motorsport as possible, while being true to our authentic, full selves.

You can autocross, rallycross, HPDE or Time Trial nearly anything. Friends of Jake’s have rallycrossed a 2005 Ford Taurus that was given to them after some minor accident damage. He’s seen a Dodge Caravan on track at VIR for a 30-minute Hyperdrive.

No car, or don’t want to put your car through its paces quite yet? Get out and work an event! Event organizers are always eager to have more helping hands, and it’s a great way to connect in-person with the community.

We are more than happy to help connect some dots. Join the Out Motorsports community on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram. Are you working your way through the HPDE ranks? Building a car to compete next season? Let us know!