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Rainbow Road Rallycross

August 21, 2021 @ 8:00 am August 22, 2021 @ 5:00 pm EDT

Out Motorsports is inviting you to two days of rallycross! Rallycross is like autocross – competing for your best personal time through a defined course – but on dirt. It’s fun, it’s a little messy, and it’s pretty low-risk. 

Drive (almost) anything you already have, or go one step farther and purchase a cheap car to join our Challenge classes!

Summit Point features two rallycross courses, and we will use both of them! We’ll run one course on Saturday, and one course on Sunday. Please read everything below, and click here or use the button at the bottom of the page to register!

The Orphaned Car Challenge.

While you can bring your daily driver to rallycross, wouldn’t it be more fun to bring something you don’t care about? This year’s theme is “Orphaned Cars” – i.e. makes and models that are not sold in the United States anymore.

You may spend up to $1,500 on a vehicle of your choice. The model (and for extra kudos, make) must not be one that can be purchased new in the United States for the 2021 model year. Anything by Pontiac, for example, counts as “orphaned” as Pontiacs are not sold anymore. By comparison, a Chevrolet Citation would also be considered “orphaned” as the Chevrolet brand exists but the Citation model does not.

Vehicles must be car-based. Trucks and truck-based SUVs are not allowed – contact us if you need to clarify a potential purchase. Convertibles are not allowed without a NASA-approved rollbar installed and the driver(s) passing the “broomstick test.” See note below for details.

Yes yes, we’re inviting you to bring a cheap and probably-a-bit-horrible vehicle to flog in the dirt. Please remember it will be subject to a basic safety inspection when you arrive. Ensure tires have some tread, wheel bearings aren’t wobbly, the battery is tied down, and fluids aren’t gushing out while stopped or on the move.

If you have money left over in your budget, you may use the remainder of the $1,500 to purchase “supporting” modifications, such as wheels, tires, shocks, etc. Modifications that make the vehicle more pleasant to drive (i.e. new radio with Bluetooth) for the trip to our event will not be counted toward your budget.

BRING YOUR RECEIPTS and BILLS OF SALE! We want to see ‘em.

IMG 7629

Whatcha Bringing?

Challenge classes are as follows:

  • Orphaned Brands/Makes (the company doesn’t sell in the United States as of 2021)
  • Orphaned Models (the company sells cars in the U.S. but the model is discontinued)

If you’re not buying a car for the challenge, you may register with your daily driver or other vehicle in these classes:

  • Stock Front Wheel Drive
  • Stock Rear Wheel Drive
  • Stock All Wheel Drive
  • Modified Front Wheel Drive
  • Modified Rear Wheel Drive
  • Modified All Wheel Drive

If you have to ask if something is modified, it probably is. Replacing a factory part (i.e. shock absorber) with an equivalent aftermarket piece of similar performance counts as stock. Replacing it with something performance-y (lift kit, snow tires, more power) counts as modified. 


There are several convertibles from days gone by that you may want to purchase. Maybe you want to bring your daily-driven droptop to compete. If the car does not have factory rollover protection, a roll bar must be installed. Click here to see cars with approved factory rollover protection. Aftermarket roll bars should meet these requirements, per NASA:

All open cars should have a roll bar installed to help protect the occupant(s) from injury during a roll-over. The main hoop shall be one continuous piece with smooth Mandrel bends with no evidence of crimping or wall failure. All welds should be of the highest possible quality, with full penetration. All cars with roll bars are required to have adequate roll bar padding.

Tech Inspection

Every vehicle competing will have to pass a basic tech inspection. Please download and print this form, and bring it with you. We will have limited copies available at the track if you forget yours. There will be no refunds issued if your car does not pass tech inspection.

out motorsports 43

Pick a Number!

When you register, you will choose your class and a number. Numbers must be large and in charge like that guy from the bar you flirted with before we had a lil’ pandemic. Put ‘em on either side of your car using a contrasting color of painters’ tape or vinyl.

A maximum of two drivers are allowed per car at this event. If you are co-driving a car, we suggest you pick one number for Driver A (i.e. 21) and add a “1” to the start or end of that number for Driver B (i.e. 121 or 211). This helps with quick number updates as you change drivers mid-heat. Use painters’ tape or get some vinyl “1”s to slap on the doors for that second driver.

The Weekend’s Schedule

This schedule will apply on both Saturday and Sunday. If you miss the driver’s meeting, you will not be able to compete that day. There’s a lot of valuable information shared then, and it’s our only chance to get everyone together, so please be on time!

  • 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM: Registration & Tech Inspection Open
  • 8:00 AM: Drivers’ Meeting and Novice Classroom
  • 9:00 AM: Heat A on Course (Heat B Works)
  • 10:30 AM (Approx.): Heat B on Course (Heat A Works)
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch & Course Reset
  • 1:00 PM: Heat C on Course (Heat D Works)
  • 3:00 PM (Approx.): Heat D on Course (Heat C Works)
  • 5:30 PM (Approx.): Awards Party, All Are Welcome

Earning that Podium Finish

Everyone driving will be timed! Your times will be totaled up for each day of competition. Every cone you hit, just like autocross, adds two seconds to your time for that run.

Each driver will receive plenty runs throughout the weekend. Don’t blow your car up or otherwise do something dumb with it as you’ll take time and runs away from everyone else.

Top three finishers for every class will be honored at an awards party! We’ll have various things to give out for being some of the fastest in the dirt, and all are welcome to attend.

IMG 1080


Everyone driving or riding shotgun has to wear a helmet! Helmets must be rated Snell SA2010 or M2010 or newer. You can purchase a helmet from a variety of places, but we recommend OG Racing in Sterling, Virginia. Give ‘em a call and mention this event to save a bit on your purchase.


Out Motorsports is not coordinating lodging for this event. You are welcome to get an Airbnb with some friends, or reserve a hotel room nearby.

We have secured a block of rooms at the Tru by Hilton nearby for $89/night. Please click here to book a room at that rate.

You are also welcome to camp in our paddock space overnight.


Summit Point will not have food or water available on the property while we are competing. Lunches can be brought with you or obtained from Railside Market, about a mile from the track.

Toyota is catering a delicious BBQ dinner on Saturday night, via Jordan Springs Market. Big thanks to Toyota for supporting us and keeping us well-fed!


Some of you will want to come hang out for the weekend but not drive and compete. We cannot have random spectators but we CAN have crew for each registered driver!


You will need to buddy up with someone who is a registered driver. If your friend is registered and needs you as crew, great. If you don’t know anyone but want to come witness the debauchery, comment below and see who has space for crew members. Give your driver water, keep their windshield clean, whatever. Be their crew and you can magically be on-site with us. You will sign the same waiver at the gate as everyone else but write “Crew” there instead of “Driver.”

Once you know who your driver is, fill out this form. Each registered driver may have one free crew member. A second crew member may be added for $20.


We get it – sometimes things come up and you can’t make the event. However, the policy you agree to when you register is “All sales final – no cancellation, refund, or credit. Entry is transferrable to another person for this event only.”

We are truly sorry if you disagree but there are no exceptions to this policy so please don’t ask. Think of your registration like concert tickets or sporting event passes – they get you a seat at a specific place and time for a potentially sold-out event, and that’s all.

If you are having car problems, your best option is to bring a different car. If you find you cannot attend for any other reason, your best option is to sell or give the spot to someone else qualified to participate, then let us know whose name to put on it by 72 hours prior. This policy is financially necessary and part of how we keep our entry fees as low as possible and keep things fair for everyone, thanks for understanding.

for two days of fun! (NASA membership NOT required)

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